$19/- per Guest For 1000 Guests

Subject to prevailing GST, No Service Charge



Bride and Groom Changing Room With Attached Toilet.
Prayer Room with attach ablution area.
Spacious Reception Space for parents of Bride and Groom.
Various varieties of Wedding Favours
5 X 50 inch LED TV for live streaming or Video montage
Uniformed service staff for the event duration
Reserved Parking for Bridal Car
Garden View Seating Area
Various Wedding Cards to select from​


Nasi Briyani / Olive Rice

Nasi Putih

Ayam Masak Merah / Black Pepper Chicken

Beef Briyani / Black Pepper / Beef Kicap

Sliced Sweet Sour Fish Fillet


Acar Timun / Paceri Nenas / Brocolli with Mushroom

Rojak Petis

Hot Desert

Bubur Cha-Cha/Pulut Hitam/Bubur
Kacang/Bubur Terigu

Cold Desert

Cendol/Cheng Teng/Jelly Cocktail


Mee Siam Goreng Putih / Mee Tauco / Mee & Mee Hoon Soto / Mee Rebus/ Laksa / Mee Goreng / Beef Noodle

4 Types Pastries

Choose 4 - Putri Salat / Lapis/ Koleh-koleh / Bakar Ubi / Talam Cendol / Ubi Kaya / Bakar Lauk / Creampuff / Walnut Cake / Chocolate Cake / Marble Cake / Mini Koci

4 Types Hot Drinks

Tea 'O', Kopi 'O', White Coffee, Teh Tarik

3 Types Cold Drinks

- Choose 3 Fruit Punch/ Blueberry / Lime / Mango / Honeydew / Syrup / Calamansi / Sour Plum


Muslim Delights Signature Sambal Goreng Pengantin (* Chef’s recommendation!!) @ $1.70 per pax

Prawns Sambal / Black Pepper/ Cereal
@ $1.70 per pax

Replace Beef Dish to Mutton Dish at Buffet Line
@ $1.70 per pax

Additional Mutton Dish to Buffet Line

@ $3.00 per pax (Beef Dish will remain)

Dum Beryani with Mutton chunks served from Pot
@ $2.50 per pax (No Beef Dish at Buffet Line)

Dum Beryani with Mutton chunks served from Pot
@ $4.00 per pax ( Beef Dish to remain at Buffet Line)


Kompang - $750

Wedding Cake/ 3 tier Pulut Kuning - $780

Sirih Dara, Bunga Pahar. -$780

DJ with Sound System - $780

Hotel Room Bookings @ Concorde Hotel - Est $300 (Depending on season)


$4.50 per paxRoasted Lamb Set with Mushroom Soup, Salad & Sauces @  $4.50 per pax

M.u.s.l.i.m Delights signature whole roasted lamb on full display for the viewing pleasure of your guest, served with salad and sauces including our very own “Kichap Pedas”

Roti Kirai set with Curry Chicken and Sayur Salad @ $4.00 per pax.

Roti Kirai station accompanied with chicken curry and sayur salad, ideal for serving after Nikah reception or throughout your wedding reception

$3.50 per pax:- Baked Honey Chicken Wings with Mushroom Soup, Salad & Dressing

M.u.s.l.i.m Delights baked Honey Chicken wings marinated and seasoned to perfection, served with salad and 2 option of dressing * Extremely addictive for guest)

Satay @ $1000 per 1000 sticks

Mutton / Chicken / Beef with Ketupat, Onions , Cucumber & Kuah Kacang

High tea corner with assortment of Danish Pastries, Mini Chocolate Croissant, Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Brownies, Assortment of mini tartlets such as Fruits, Cheese, Blueberry & chocolates, Eclairs, Cream Puff, Apple Crumble , Assortment of cakes, Macarons, Meringue, Cheese Cakes, French tuna baguette, mini sugar doughnuts and includes a Live Station Goreng Pisang.

Mini Dessert Station@ $2.80 per pax.

- Chocolate Fondue Station- 3 Types Fruits on Skewer, Mini Sugar Roll, Butter Cookies, Marshmallow
- Nachos Cheese Station - Assorted Chips and Crackers
- Soft Serve Ice Cream Station -3 Flavours, Strawberry, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Melted Toppings including Chocolate Rice, Crushes mix Nuts

Piping Hot Goreng Pisang Station! @ $550 for 1000pax