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Mdm Hafidah Daud:

A soft-spoken individual sensitive to customers’ needs, Mdm Hafidah handles sales and customer relationship management with practiced ease. Working with a focus on consolidating the sales process, she sets goals and works out strategies for achieving them. She also networks with high-profile clients, closes deals and strives to bring more value to customers through innovative service offerings.

Zulkifli Bin Mohd Karim

Mr Zulkifli manages multiple responsibilities, including production (food preparation), kitchen management, and event operations. Working closely with his top chefs, he strives to come up with innovative recipes that border on the exotic. He professionally handles the busy kitchen, ensuring efficacy in the assorted activities. Leveraging his ability for thoughtful planning and skillful execution, he works hard to turn events into enjoyable, memorable occasions for clients.

Zubair Hasan:

Zubair is the young and dynamic marketing expert who looks for bigger and better wedding avenues and to expand the brand outreach. A smart, tech-savvy entrepreneur, he believes in leveraging the power of technology to drive business growth. He implements cutting-edge digital solutions that enable the company to provide prompt, rapid-response service to customers while maximizing their convenience. He is playing a pivotal role in making the transition from traditional, manual operations to an online service model.